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  • Kurapia


    Kurapia is an attractive, vigorous, rich green groundcover for most of the year with very little water.
  • Bentgrass Penncross

    Bentgrass Penncross

    Medium-dark green color. Strong lateral growth, Good wear tolerance, Rapid establishment
  • Bentgrass Dominant

    Bentgrass Dominant

    Dark green color, tolerates hot and cold climates. Excellent turf density & drains quickly and cleanly,
  • Native Preservation Mix

    Native Preservation Mix

    Ideal for sloped areas. Resistant to drought conditions. Performs well under full sunlight and partial shade.
  • Princess 77 Bermuda

    Princess 77 Bermuda

    Princess 77 Bermuda
  • Biofiltration Sod

    Biofiltration Sod

    Made for roadsides, bio-swales and other protected environments. Performs well in a variety of conditions
  • Ryegrass


    Popular for its wear tolerance and low maintenance. Does not do well in areas that suffer from extreme temperature conditions.
  • Rye-Blue


    Dense turf with medium-fine, upright blades. Suitable for moderate coastal areas.
  • Native Mowfree™

    Native Mowfree™

    Low maintance. Can be maintained as a turf lawn or left unmowed.
  • Grassland Mix

    Grassland Mix

    Dark green color to contrast with ornamental settings. Narrow fine leafed texture of the blades provides a soft feeling sod.
  • Native Bentgrass

    Native Bentgrass

    The industry's 1st choice for native lawn areas.
Native Bentgrass™ Excellent durability, Dark green turf mat, Medium leaf texture. Thrives in full sun and partial shade.
  • Special Shade Blend

    Special Shade Blend

    Designed to excel in full and filtered sun. 
Excellent heat and wear tolerance for high traffic areas.
  • Mow-Free Blend

    Mow-Free Blend

    Creates a meadow-like look. Can be left unmowed if desired. Works well on slopes and rough areas of golf courses
  • Blue-Rye (50% Bluegrass, 50% Premium Ryegrass)

    Blue-Rye (50% Bluegrass, 50% Premium Ryegrass)

    Grows well in sandy or clay soil | Dark blue green color year round | Heat and drought tolerant
  • Celebration Bermuda

    Celebration Bermuda

    Blue-green color and fine bladed appearance | Celebration makes a great first impression. | Lower maintenance and high performance qualities. | Used for playgrounds, baseball, soccer and residential.
  • Tifway 419 (Hybrid Bermuda)

    Tifway 419 (Hybrid Bermuda)

    Stands up better to high traffic areas | Adapts to shade and sun | Good color, low maintenance | Mowing height as low as 1/2″ to 3/4″
  • Elite Plus (90% Dwarf Fescue 10% Kentucky Bluegrass)

    Elite Plus (90% Dwarf Fescue 10% Kentucky Bluegrass)

    Quick growth habit for high traffic areas | Drought tolerant | Green year round
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