Bentgrass Dominant


Dark green color, tolerates hot and cold climates. Excellent turf density & drains quickly and cleanly,

Bentgrass Dominant

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At SodLawn, we proudly serve customers in Southern California with sod delivery and installation services, offering the best selection of sod to suit all types of climates and environments. One of the many types of sod we offer is the bentgrass dominant, an environmentally friendly blend that is growing in popularity.

Bentgrass dominant sod is often used for golf courses as it can withstand heat, cold and humidity, and has excellent turf density. This type of sod also drains quickly and cleanly, and maintains a dark green color that’s aesthetically pleasing – perfect for fairways and sports fields.

Bentgrass dominant sod is grown on biodegradable netting and can adapt well to both hot and cold climates. It’s a great choice for both residential and commercial properties including homes and golf courses, among other locations. Bentgrass dominant also meets sports field and USGA specifications.

If you’re looking for a specific type of sod that maintains its dark green color, can survive in hot and cold climates, and eliminates any interfacing issues, bentgrass dominant is what you need. Call SodLawn today to place your sod delivery order to your home or business in Southern California. One of our friendly representatives will work with you to confirm a convenient delivery time so you can be prepared.

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