Bentgrass Penncross


Medium-dark green color. Strong lateral growth, Good wear tolerance, Rapid establishment

Bentgrass Penncross

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SodLawn offers residents in Southern California one of the most widely used types of bentgrass in the world: Penncross bentgrass. Similar to bentgrass dominant, Penncross bentgrass is also grown on biodegradable netting and meets sports field and USGA specifications. As a quick-draining grass with a smooth surface, Penncross bentgrass is the perfect type of sod for golf courses and high-traffic areas.

This particular type of sod features a strong lateral growth and provides good wear tolerance. It maintains a medium-dark green color and has rapid establishment and re-establishment capabilities. Penncross bentgrass is highly adaptable to a range of climate conditions, and features aggressive lateral growth capabilities to help maintain a lush bed of grass. It also eliminates any interfacing issues, and looks great on any residential or commercial landscape. In fact, Penncross bentgrass was specifically designed to serve as a premium choice for golf tees and putting greens as well as other sports fields.

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For the highest quality sod in Southern California, schedule your sod delivery today from SodLawn. We’ll work with you to confirm a convenient delivery time, giving you a two-hour delivery window for your convenience. We can also install orders of more than 7,000 square feet of sod in Central and Southern California. If you have any questions about Penncross bentgrass, delivery or installation, give SodLawn a call today.

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