Blue-Rye (50% Bluegrass, 50% Premium Ryegrass)


Grows well in sandy or clay soil | Dark blue green color year round | Heat and drought tolerant

Blue-Rye (50% Bluegrass, 50% Premium Ryegrass)

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Making the outside of your home or business visually appealing starts with the perfect grass. At SodLawn, we carry a Blue Rye 50/50 Mix that is perfect for your property in Sacramento or anywhere else in central California. Why? We’ll tell you!

Our Blue-Rye 50/50 Mix sod combined three hearty Kentucky bluegrass varieties and three perennial ryegrass varieties to create a soft and beautiful lawn. Perennial ryegrasses are known for their fast growth habits and bright green coloring, which helps it to grow quickly and rebound in high-traffic situations like athletic fields or parks. Ryegrass also roots quickly and regrows rapidly, meaning that it’s a great grass for filling in damaged areas and supplying a consistent and voluminous abundance of grass.

You’ll often see Blue Rye 50/50 Mix sod on sports fields, golf courses and other commercial properties that see a lot of traffic. As a matter of fact, it was formerly featured at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Boasting a beautiful dark blue-green color year round, this type of sod is great to have on any property.

At SodLawn, we take a comprehensive approach to ensuring all your needs are met. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer your questions to make sure you choose the perfect type of sod that’s suitable for your property. Ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering fresh sod in a timely manner is what we do best. Call us to learn more or to place your sod delivery order from SodLawn today!

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