Native Preservation Mix


Ideal for sloped areas. Resistant to drought conditions. Performs well under full sunlight and partial shade.

Native Preservation Mix

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What's naturally resistant to drought conditions, performs well under full sunlight and partial shade, and is ideal for sloped areas? Native Preservation Mix sod! Where can you get this fresh, narrow fine-leafed textured grass? SodLawn, of course.

For years, SodLawn has been the leading supplier of high-quality sod that’s delivered fresh to your home or commercial property. No matter where it’s going, Native Preservation Mix sod is perfect for properties all throughout the Bay Area, from Redding to Sacramento and across California. It’s especially suited to strengthen areas at risk for erosion, which is why you’ll often see this kind of grass on sloped hillsides and along roadsides and medians.

Native Preservation Mix sod is a blend of native California grasses, which is why this sod naturally performs well in California's weather and soil. As a native blend, this grass remains healthy and adapts to different soils in a variety of environmental conditions easily. This particular type of sod also won’t fade or whither in the dry summers or go dormant during cold winters. In fact, this hardy grass can grow in nearly any area!

Call SodLawn today if our Native Preservation Mix sounds like the low-maintenance kind of sod your property could benefit from, or request a free quote online now.

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