Popular for its wear tolerance and low maintenance. Does not do well in areas that suffer from extreme temperature conditions.


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Is there anything better than low-maintenance turfgrass? We didn’t think so! At SodLawn, we offer ryegrass sod that’s perfect for those customers who don’t particularly enjoy mowing the lawn each and every week. Ryegrass sod is often installed at homes, playing fields and other well-used properties. This type of sod is drought-tolerant and overall will provide a lusher, softer lawn if left to grow tall. It’s fine bladed turfgrass that’s rich green in color and maintains its vibrant color when cared for properly.

About Ryegrass Sod

Ryegrass sod is extremely popular for its wear tolerance and low maintenance, and is generally more resistant to insects and most turfgrass diseases than other sod species. With ryegrass sod, you won’t have to worry about calling the exterminator or finding unwanted guests in your turf. Ryegrass sod likes the sun, but does not do well in areas that suffer from extreme temperature conditions as a result of its poor heat and cold tolerance.

Our ryegrass sod will breathe new life into your residential or commercial landscape. SodLawn proudly serves customers all across Southern California, with sod delivery options available. If you’re looking to install ryegrass sod on your property, place your sod delivery order today.

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